Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Issue 1

What is Anthropology?
March 2011

~ Contents ~


L'Anthropologue said...

Very cool!

I'll put a link to it on my own blog. It's a french anthropology blog but I live in a bilingual province (Quebec, Canada so my readers will be able to enjoy your writing as well!

Good job!


Ryan Anderson said...

Thanks for the comment Laurie! What's the name of your site?


Gruspose said...

This looks great. I will definitely keep on reading this. Thumbs up!

Ryan Anderson said...

Thanks for the comment Gruspose. Glad you like the site!

L'Anthropologue said...

Hey Ryan!

Here's my blog:


I put a link to this page in a blog post that talked about what is anthropology, but in french. Here's the blog post


It's a popular page on my blog that has about 500 views a month. Hope it helps get your blog on the french map! Even though my readers are situated in Quebec most of the times, some are also form France and from french North Africa

Have a great day!


Ryan Anderson said...

Great! Thanks so much for the link Laurie!


Amanda & Nick said...

Hey Ryan-

This is great! Can't wait to read more :) Hope all is well!


Ryan Anderson said...

Thanks Amanda!