Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reader Responses: The archaeological issue (Open Thread)

So what's the deal?  Are the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology compatible?  Are they even related?  Should anthropologists and archaeologists cut their losses and go their separate ways, or should they just get the band back together and move on with life?  Tell us how it is, or how it should be...


Anonymous said...

A beginning class in Anthropology answers this question, doesn't it? The world is full of billions of opinions and attitudes. Billions of hatreds and prideful ideals. What is the reason for getting an average C grade by reading the material and letting it fly over our heads and into oblivion? Higher education is about getting high grades because you read more than what was required and because you are searching for truth.

And the truth is we are all different but the same. Putting effort into whether one field is better or not, or important or unimportant or not, is not getting along well with others. That's why the liberal arts are important. The more any person or organization thinks their field or interest is excluded from another, they are causing problems for their own objectivity and passing down bad blood to the next generation of young people who are moving up into our spots.

The whole reason our US congress is going to bankrupt the country in two weeks is because they don't compromise on their personal values for the good of all. They obviously didn't get a grade of C or higher in Anthropology or they didn't even take it at all.

Can't we all just get along?

Ryan Anderson said...

Thanks for the comment Matthew. Maybe we should make congress enroll in summer school, right!?!