Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introduction: Appalachia

This month's issue is one that I have been looking forward to for quite a while now, and I am glad to see it finally come to fruition.  Since moving to Kentucky for graduate school a little over two years ago, a number of things have impressed me about the university.  One of the most impressive is the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center.  I have to admit that my knowledge of Appalachia was pretty slim when I first came out here, and I have definitely enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about this part of the country.  That's the interesting thing about the US.  We love our history, and we love to talk about what it supposedly means to be "American," but some histories, and some stories, definitely get told more than others.  We may think we know a lot about the "imagined community" that is the United States, but what's missing?  Who is missing?  What histories get overshadowed by larger national narratives?  So the thing that I was most looking forward to with this issue is the chance to learn more from some great researchers whose work in and about Appalachia is truly fascinating.  The contributions for this month are excellent, and I hope all of you readers out there enjoy them as much as I have. 

This month we have contributions from Britteny Howell, Ann Kingsolver, Tammy Clemons, Shaunna Scott, Amanda Fickey & Lynne Rieske-Kinney, and Sarah Raskin.  I have also included a short selection of photographs. Thanks everyone for taking part!  I have really enjoyed all of your essays, and I definitely appreciate the time that you have taken out of your busy lives to share your ideas and knowledge.  Thanks again!


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